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"What links here" includes incorrect links
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"What links here" results frequently include articles that don't link to the target article. For example, includes "American cuisine" and "Rock and roll".

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Do you know if it ever linked to it?

Do any of the templates used on those pages link there?

Yes, on investigation, both of these include a template "{{United States topics}}" at the bottom, which expands to include the electoral college article. Still, this seems like really undesirable behavior. Is there already a bug for this?

Mainframe98 subscribed.

Search on the page for the phrase (might require opening the navbox) and you'll find it in the navbox United States articles, coincidentally my first thought on the "culprit" so to speak, which links to United States Electoral College.

Being bold and declining - feature works as intended.

For the record, this is a dup of T14396.