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Please create email alias
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As part of the 2019 Talk Page Consultation we plan to invite people to participate only via email. Rather than use a single WMF staff email address (and to lend credibility) we want to use Please have it redirect to my email,

As per

Thank you!

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jbond triaged this task as Medium priority.
jbond added a project: Mail.

Hi @TBolliger, there is an effort to move these kinds of aliases away from SRE and to OIT (T122144). It would be great if you could have them create this as an alias on the Google side. (by mailing techsupport@). The result should be the same for you. Thanks!

@Dzahn: That was also my understanding, which made me wonder if needs clarification which would allow folks to realize that if they are with WMF and ask for individual forwards, they should contact WMF OIT instead...

OK, I emailed techsupport@. Thank you!