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Improve article recommendation pipeline
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The article recommendation pipeline consists of many parts and this task is about improving the various parts of it. Please see micro tasks below for self-containing improvements.



As of this writing, two students showed interest in this project. We'll divide up the micro tasks between them.

Skills Required

(one or a combination of)

  • Javascript
  • Python
  • MySql

Micro Tasks

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@Usmanmuhd sure! Depending on how far we go, I can add more tasks in the future.

Hii, I am Shivansh Bindal sophomore IIT Roorkee. I have experience in Javascript, React, Django (python), PHP, MySql. I have already made some contributions to wikimedia project and would love to continue working.

@bmansurov can you please assign me some microtasks so that I can start working on the project as I think Usmanmuhd has already asked to work on the given microtasks.
Thank you :)

@Shivanshbindal9 welcome! Usmanmuhd is starting with T216721: Remove duplicate Wikidata items from article recommendations, so perhaps you can start with T216750: Article recommendation API: replace WDQS with MW API? Take a look and let me know if that's something you want to work on. Alternatively, take a look at T215222: Recommendation API translation endpoint stopped working too.

Hi I am Subhang,a freshman and if possible even I would like to take up some micro tasks under this issue .I am new to open source so help in any form would be grateful.

Hi and welcome @Subhang65523! Please see Feedback, questions and support regarding "help in any form" - thanks! :)

Can I get some micro tasks as I believe some of them might have already been issued?

@Subhang65523 thanks for the interest. We already have two students who want to work on this project. Please check out other projects.

Hi my name is Anuradha, I really wish to contribute. kindly please assign me any micro-task.

@Usmanmuhd saw your IRC message about template and the specs. I don't think we have a template. Let me know of your questions about the specs and I'll try and fill in the task description.

@bmansurov What exactly is supposed to be in the proposal? There are just 4 tasks now and not much is known as to what exactly the project will be for 12 weeks.
It would be helpful if we could get at least a higher level overview of the project. Also should the proposal be focused more on the current project or on my previous open source contributions?

@Usmanmuhd I don't think you should be overly specific in the proposal. You can start by saying that the goal of the project is to improve the article recommendation pipeline. Also, don't be tricked by the number of tasks. Are you sure you can get those tasks done and pushed to production in 12 weeks? Just doing the coding part doesn't mean your changes will automatically be enabled in production. You'll learn all this as we go along.

Have you read the overview of the recommendation pipeline? Have you followed the links that I shared in various task descriptions? If not, take a look at those. If yes, then things should be pretty clear. We have this big project that we want to improve in various ways. And you can for now include four sub-tasks as bullet points and at the end mention that you'll be working on other similar tasks that aren't mentioned in those four bullet points.

The proposal should be focused on this project. @srishakatux maybe able to help here too.

@bmansurov Thanks for the pointers. Will get started and get in a draft proposal as early as possible.

@Usmanmuhd I would encourage you to read a few good proposals from previous years to get some pointers on what to include in your proposal: (see Step 8).

Csisc subscribed.

I am Houcemeddine Turki from Tunisia. I am a medical student. However, I like Computer Science. I have some skills of Python and SQL. I ask if I can enter as a student in your GSoC 2019 project.

@Csisc sorry, this project is already being worked on. Please find another project.

(removing assignee as selection process is still ongoing)

Is there anything remaining in this task from GSoC'19? If not, then please consider marking it as resolved! If yes, and would need another GSoC or volunteer help then consider creating a new task with the leftover items. Thanks!

Hi, This is Shivanshu Bajpai from Galgotias University!
How can I started contributing to this project!!?

@Shivanshu1086: Hi, the codebase is at research/article-recommender in Gerrit.
See for still open tasks to get ideas what you could work on.