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Update Silverpop export to include opted in records with no donations
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Needed to reflect donors who opted in but whose payment attempts then failed.

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Ejegg created this task.Mar 5 2019, 9:22 PM

So I've been struggling all afternoon to get the script tests/ to run & still think I'm failing after lots of mucking around with what is or isn't installed.

But then I went back to the queries and I started to wonder if this is actually happening already

We build silverpop_export_staging with


  AND c.is_deleted = 0
  AND e.is_primary = 1;


ie no contribution filter

And later on we use no contribution filter on our final export tables

Ejegg closed this task as Resolved.Mar 15 2019, 3:28 PM
Ejegg claimed this task.
Ejegg moved this task from Backlog to Done on the Fundraising Sprint Ewoks Take Manhattan board.

Yep, you're right, @Eileenmcnaughton . We totally are including people with no donations - looks like 406,576 entries in the export view with no corresponding rows in civicrm.civicrm_contribution.

Hey @Ejegg, just checking--we are already recording opted-in (failed)
payment attempts in Civi? It was my assumption that we weren't creating
Civi records for those folks, so they wouldn't appear in the export.

Ejegg added a comment.Mar 15 2019, 4:46 PM

@CCogdill_WMF you're correct, we are not yet creating Civi records for people with failed donations. I'm not sure where those 405,576 people are from, but a whole lot of them have the opt_in field empty. Maybe from the remind me later lists?

There are two code patches for creating records in civi for opt-in/failed donations, and each has their own Phab ticket. The payments-wiki patch (T216293) was just approved yesterday, and the civi patch (T217710) is still in process.

Ah okay. I'd be curious where those are coming from. We have more than 400k
on the RML lists so I would guess that's something else.

Ah @Ejegg <> can
we roll this out more slowly? I'm sorry, I didn't know it would be done so
quickly. I think it's essential these people get a double opt-in email and
I don't have that translated anywhere yet.