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The entity suggester should return properties
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The entity suggester only returns items, not properties. This is counter-intuitive as Special:Search returns both items and properties by default. For consistency, the entity suggester should include properties too (for instance, searching for P17 should return as first result).

As a user, when looking for a property, I usually go to a random item and pretend I want to add a statement there: this is the only way I can think of to get a property suggester. This does not feel very natural. Using Special:Search can work too of course, but because of the different way the data is indexed there, results can be quite different.

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Is this specifically about Pxx, or should a search for country also return P17?

Both, these are actually different use cases. I see "P17" somewhere (a query) and want to be sure what this is. So I want to go to the search box and put in "P17" and have it land me at Property:P17.

Or I want to know what is the Pxxx for some concept, I really need something like the concept explorer that kind of sort of works on the SPARQL query page where I keep typing in words until I find something fitting.

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