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[BUG] mobile-html article body has wrong background color
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How many times were you able to reproduce it?


Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to in the browser
  2. Open console
  3. Paste pagelib.ThemeTransform.setTheme(document, pagelib.ThemeTransform.THEME.BLACK) in the console to change theme to black

Expected results

Body is black

Actual results

Body is white


It appears that this has to do with the recent fix for T214728 that unsets .content background color.
In mobile-html pages content applies to body so setting unset or initial on content overrides background from pagelib_theme_black_body. Turning off those 2 content rules fixes it.

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@Mhurd Uploaded I think we could get rid of the added rules for T214728, now that the base CSS endpoint is more stable and doesn't include most of the extraneous CSS rules from Minerva (see T220045).

@bearND oh cool! will check it out!

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Purged and verified with in incognito mode to avoid browser cache.
+ ran pagelib.ThemeTransform.setTheme(document, pagelib.ThemeTransform.THEME.DARK)

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