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AbuseFilter profiler on es.wikibooks missing
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We had the abusefilter profiler enabled before 2b003ce4bdc8. I was doing some maintenance today and to my surprise the statistics have dissapeared. I checked eswiki and metawiki to see if they were also missing the profiler data, but those wikis show just fine. Any idea?

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@MarcoAurelio I don't get it: I can see statistics on the top of single filters (example) and grafana shows the data, too.

This is the weirdest thing. I now can see them too. I swear they were not there when I reported this :S

@MarcoAurelio Maybe it's because profiling is reset when a filter is modified. So if you edit a filter it won't have any profiling data until the first action it tries to filter.

@Daimona I checked several filters and the Statistics: lines were not there for any of the filters I checked, nor the summary on top of Special:AbuseFilter. Looks it resolved itself or was a temporary issue.