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"What links here" vs navbox and infobox
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"What links here" function shows every pages includes link to the certain Wikimedia page. This great tool, provides really confusing results, in case the Wikimedia project have big Infobox(es) or Navbox(es) containing the link of this certain page.

For example if we click on "What links here" on Pope Francis EnWikipedia page ( the first result is "Apollo 8" (, as English Wikipedia's article about the Apollo 8 mission contains the "Time Persons of the Year" navbox and it contains a link to the Pope's article. Apollo 8 mission is highly irrelevant topic regarding the Pope. And most of the list items we can currently get with "What links here" function from Pope Francis's article is irrelevant due to same reason.

Couldn we develop please "What links here" function to be able to filter this effect of navboxes and infoboxes?