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Don't split names in citoid by default
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Testing my own blog site (blog page) I noticed an assumption about name formatting that isn't universally correct

  "title":"Rate Encoded Location",
  "websiteTitle":"AI stuff",
  "abstractNote":"Outline of rate encoded locations, how the brain might do it, and a possible approximation in an artificial neural net.",
  "author":[["John Erling","Blad"]],

Notice the author field. At the site this is encoded as "John Erling Blad", but in the JSON structure "Blad" is split into a separate field. That is "Blad" is family name. In other languages this does not hold in general. For example, for w: Eggert Ólafsson the part "Ólafsson" is not a family name but a w:patronym. In such cases the name should probably not be split, that is it is not a simple (first name, family name) pair.

I have no simple quick-fix for this, except if there are no commas in the extracted names, that is they are not inverted, then they should probably not be split into (first name, family name) pairs.

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Thanks; I've been thinking about doing this for a while, actually. The zotero format which is the native internal format has separate fields for first name and last name, but it is indeed a bad assumption. Unfortunately since this is coming from Zotero I'm not sure we can fix it on our end in this particular case except by trying to reconstruct the split, or overwriting it maybe?

Might be something to bring up in this thread?

Or bring up once that is merged?

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Change 497315 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mvolz; owner: Mvolz):
[mediawiki/services/citoid@master] Don't split authors by default

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[mediawiki/services/citoid@master] Don't split authors by default

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Citoid no longer split names by default. But in the particular case you mention, you'll still see the same result, as zotero does this and I think it's not possible to change their minds about this as default behaviour, so I guess in that sense it's also partially declined...