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Native article references list
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Utilize a native reference popover and native reference list in the apps when switching to mobile-html.

Add a "References" menu item for references in the existing "About this article" menu:

That when tapped, would show a native references list. RI work in mobile-html to support this is covered by T217352


Currently, the apps utilize a native presentation for the reference popover:

But include a web-based reference list in the content of the article:

With mobile-html, the reference list is being provided separately from the article content to improve article load time. It would simplify the presentation & interaction if it were all native or all web-based. In an all web-based presentation, the apps would lose the ability to gray out UX elements outside of the web view (toolbars, navbars). In an all native presentation, the reference section could be a link to a separate view similar to how the language list or edit history work currently, and the reference popovers could stay as they are currently.

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Per our discussion, yes, it is ok to separate reference lists into another endpoint. From the UX/product side this means we will need to move references out of the main article/inline area and into a popover/drawer/disclosure presentation.

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