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Investigate redlink behavior (web & mobile)
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This task came out of the conversation on T201339. Currently when someone clicks/taps on a redlink (a link to a page that doesn't exist yet), for the most part they land in the editor view (despite the fact that nonexistent pages also have a read view), which is presumably meant to encourage them to create the nonexistent page. However, as @Krinkle proposed in T201339#5009683

There are a number of cases where our encouragement to create a page is unexpected and not useful. It should still be possible for advanced users, but not encouraged by default. I would say this applies to all cases of red links to user pages, not just someone else's. It probably should also apply to category pages, mediawiki pages, and file pages. The reason being that all of these can have view information that isn't editable. I'd bet 9 out of 10 times a user goes to such a page, they're not interested in creating it. And showing the editor first there is actively making it difficult (on desktop) or impossible (on mobile) to access that information.

Thus the question(s):

  • Should redlinks lead to edit mode, or a read mode?
  • Should the default behavior differ based on certain wiki-factors (e.g. namespace, logged in/logged out), or can we be entirely consistent?
  • Should this behavior be consistent across platforms (e.g. mobile vs. web)?
current redlink behaviorread mode of respective pages

Research proposal

[to be filled in]

from email with @CKoerner_WMF: I wonder if there's a way to track new articles created from the search results versus other means.
Expanding on that, if we could know how often redlinks are used to create new articles that would start to give us a sense for what the default behavior should be

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@alexhollender - perhaps we can keep this in the design backlog for now?

It's been suggested to me to expand the table in the desertion to help with clarity. Show how the results differ for logged-out user on English Wikipedia (where logged out users can't create new prices in the mainspace) and how the results differ for logged-out users on a wiki (like French Wikipedia) where they can.