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Evaluate 'notice' type messages and decide on deprecating it in favor of 'warning'
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Resulting out of conversation on patch for T145674 we've tried to pinpoint user experience usefulness on 'notice' type inline form messages.
While 'error', 'warning' and 'success' messages all have distinct use cases, there doesn't seem to be clear such use case for 'notices'

As part of current demos, v0.30.4:

image.png (760×1 px, 94 KB)

The demo already shows, mostly those messages don't need to be dynamic, rather labels or inlined help texts.

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@Jdforrester-WMF shared on IRC:

They were used in VE transclusion dialog (that's what I created it for).
And in the meta dialog, maybe?

I created this for non-fatal interactive warnings to users about issues that weren't so serious the user had to drop everything and 'fix' their input, but needed to consider.

Most obvious example is user name creation – "You entered 'foo ! ', but for technical reasons it will be 'Foo_!'."
This is distinct from a fatal error warning, like "You entered 'foo@', which is not allowed." and a success message like "This user name is available".

Maybe its no longer being used?

I think we decided to call these non-fatal messages "warnings", and the fatal failures "errors". The way we previously used "notices" is the same way we want to use "warnings".

'notices' appears to be used in

  • 1x and
  • 1x (neglible).

Nowhere else…

'notices' appears to be used in

  • 1x and
  • 1x (neglible).

Nowhere else…

The VisualEditor results are a false positive as well (they refer to editnotices).

However, notice messages are used via setNotices() in UploadWizard: (the other results are false positives)

And they are used in PHP code via 'notices' => in MediaWiki's HTMLForm: (again, the rest are false positives)

(Tracking down which HTMLForm forms actually make use of this is another thing, might not really be possible, unless you wanted to add some logging there…)