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Mute: Add links to disable email and mute specific user to emails sent via Special:EmailUser
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If a user creates a Wikimedia account and verifies their email address, their preferences are automatically configured to allow direct email from other users.

These emails do not include links in the footer to adjust any preferences. The user may want to disable emails from a specific user, if the emails are undesired.

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Acceptance criteria

  • Extend the email footer to include links to configure preferences
    • Consider using a new message that is not customizable so local wikis cannot override the links.
  • Clicking the links will take the user to a special confirmation page with text to explain what will happen and a button to click to confirm the action:
    • Rough design:
      (note that this task is only about adding the first checkbox. second one in T220163})
  • The link should be:
    • Prohibit $USERNAME from emailing me
  • The link takes the user to the special page with the Mute emails from this user already checked. The user is added to the mute list once they hit save.
  • After save, the checkbox and save button go away and a confirmation message displays:// User:ABC has been muted. See all muted users in Special:Preferences//. - the link goes to Special:Preferences on the wiki they are on.
  • If user is logged-out, the user is taken to the login page before redirecting them to Special:Mute.

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@dbarratt @Tchanders @dmaza @aezell. I came up with this mockup for the special page:

I thought it would be a good idea to allow users to mute someone from both emails and notifications in the same view. We can do this without unifying the lists. This way the user has the flexibility to mute either notifications or emails but the UX is much better. If the user comes to this from email links, we check the Mute emails from this user by default. If they come from notifications, we check Mute notifications from this user by default.

What do y'all think?

I know this ticket is only about email mute. I can make another one for the mute notifications part if you all think this is a valid idea.

This wouldn't replace the existing Mute management fields in Special:Preferences right? It's just a landing page for links from the email/notifications?

I like that it's the same view. It lets the user do what they want to do but also gives them the opportunity to further protect themselves.

This wouldn't replace the existing Mute management fields in Special:Preferences right? It's just a landing page for links from the email/notifications?

Yep. We can add a user-search feature to this page in the future too if it seems useful. We can't pull the lists away from preferences because that would break global preferences compatibility.
I would like to add some instrumentation here to see -

  1. How many users land on this page over a given time period
  2. How often both boxes are checked by user before saving

I think this data would be helpful in evaluating if we are making an impact in usability of this feature by introducing the special page.

I'm not sure it should replace the existing fields... wont that break GlobalPreferences?

Oh nevermind, I read that backwards. :) I think we're all in agreement. :)

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dmaza added a comment.Fri, Apr 19, 8:56 PM

It might also be a good idea to provide more info about mute ( and/or more information on how they can see their current email/mute list on Special:Preferences