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Model ULS dependency
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Termbox depends on ULS but currently blindly relies on it being available.
Either express this hard dependency in some form of documentation or implement, if possible, a fallback.


  • discovered by running termbox on a wikibase installation w/o ULS installed
Exception in module-execute in module wikibase.termbox: load.php:2:596
TypeError: "window.$.uls is undefined"

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For the time being, hard dependency on ULS is fine from Product side. This decision is going to be revisited before using the new termbox on Desktop.

This here is talking about the "if" (and the "what if not") while T261851#6461737 recently talked about the "how".

We don’t even have a ResourceLoader dependency, so as far as I can tell, this currently works by sheer luck? Something must be loading the ULS ResourceLoader module before Termbox gets loaded.