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Offer a "Dark Mode" for Wikipedia
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People like students, teacher, professor etc spent a lot of time reading and learning. I start with Google, YouTube etc and ends up in Wikipedia.
Big websites YouTube, Reddit, Twitter etc are providing the Dark mode.
It very comfortable for eyes especially in night. And even in days where there is low light.

Right now, my eyes hurts so much when i have to read a lot on Wikipedia.

We have to depend on third party tweaks and it doesn't work well because some figures/sketches/graphs gets distorted and overridden.

P.S: Please give us Dark/Night mode. Save our eyes(SOE).

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On which platform? iOS? Android? Or PC?

@Liuxinyu970226 on basically every platform. What kind of question is that? Isn't Wikipedia available through every where.
Mobile browser, PC browser, etc.
Android, PC or IOS, everywhere.
When a company/website provide option to change layout, it will effect everywhere.

@JamesBond.007 It's a very valid question, given that there's quite a difference between the standard desktop view (Vector skin), mobile view (Minerva Neue skin & MobileFrontend extension) as well as the officially supported mobile apps for the two biggest mobile OS platforms (Android and iOS).

IIRC the Android app should have a dark mode, at least I recall testing out that feature several years ago. Not sure about the iOS version, but I'd expect them to be similar feature-wise, provided the Apple hasn't banned apps from providing a dark mode (which'd be awfully silly if they had!).

As for desktop, you may be interested in T26070, T199634 and T122924.

@ashley this is what i am talking about. There is no simple switch visible option to toggle.
Take an example of YouTube, its very easy to get used to.

There should be something like this in this platform too.
Not everyone is geek enough to find everything.

Dark mode is an trending issue.
You guys are bypassing it by saying "its already there".
Make it more user friendly. Not nerd friendly.

This task (as written) is unlikely to be ever acted upon. And BTW it has been requested in T26070 and elsewhere, there's no point of keeping this open.

@Ammarpad I guess it will never happen, isn't it? This is how this forum works apparently. "CLOSE CASE" and that's it.
Because of u guys, things remain same.
Keeping this open, make will make Wikipedia realize who much users want.
Do u know, how many times Reddit was asked to give the option of Dark mode its subreddit? Like a million times.

This task (as written) is unlikely to be ever acted upon.

Is a pretty bold statement. It like saying, "Go F*** urself, but we are not giving the luxury option of Dark mode".

@JamesBond.007, no that's not what I mean. As you can see from the closure label, this task is a duplicate, meaning the same thing has been requested before (T26070 T199634) and to consolidate efforts, anyone can close a task that's substantially similar to existing one.

Sorry for my choice of words if you're offended, I didn't mean to be rude. Thanks.

@JamesBond.007: There is no reason for you to be confrontational and get personal. Please read and follow and if you would like to stay active in Wikimedia Phabricator. Thanks for your understanding and for having discussions in a respectful tone.

PS: This is not a "forum" but an issue tracker. And if you take a look at the ticket that this task got merged into, it is not "closed" either but open. No need for incorrect statements.

Aklapper renamed this task from I wonder when is there is 'Official Switch Botton' for "Dark Mode". I feel so sad, its 2019 already, all popular website are providing it, than why not Wikipedia. to Offer a "Dark Mode" for Wikipedia.Mar 16 2019, 9:50 AM