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[Pages Created] The wikitext version of the tool doesn't mark *recreated* deleted pages as such
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The XTools Pages Created results page lists recreated deleted pages as:

<#> <page title> · (Deleted) · (Recreated) <date> <original size> N/A Log · History · Page History · Top Edits · Pageviews

In the Wikitext output (on the Pages Created main page, check the "View as wikitext" checkbox; or with Download > Wikitext on the results page) a recreated deleted page isn't marked "(Recreated)", and 4 links are missing (only the Log link is there):

<#> <page title> · (Deleted) <date> <original size> N/A Log

Compare for example (see entry page "Blauw (album van The Scene)"):

XTools version: 3.6.22-2110e41

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Thanks for the report! We will look into this.

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