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Investigate indexing Issues and PRs of Github repositories canonical on
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According to this will require adding a github data source to , but I imagine that more needs to be done server-side to also make a "Github" dashboard appear on next to "Overview | Git | Gerrit | ...".

To be discussed with Bitergia in

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Bitergia reply:

Basically, the additional steps we will have to apply are related to configuration parameters in the platform (new indexes will be created) and also upload the specific GitHub panels for both GitHub Issues and Pull Requests, which means that the menu will be also updated accordingly.

Regarding my concern that indexing would create a lot of additional profiles I'd have to clean up in Hatstall,

SortingHat is now configured for your instance to merge identities using their email address(es) and/or name, so the new identities will be merged based on this criteria. In your example, if the same email address is used in Wikimedia Gerrit and GitHub, they will be merged. However, if a given profile comes from a GitHub contribution (I mean GitHub issues and/or PRs), and we only have the GitHub account, it will only merge if the names matches exactly with other profile.

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Currently not actionable due to dependency tasks hence removing from my workboard