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HTMLDiff is terribly broken. It's been an i18n nightmare since the start and doesn't function correctly a lot of the time. I think this experimental feature should be removed.

Bugs 18872, 17812 and 15328 can probably be INVALID if we nuke HTMLDiff.

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demon created this task.Via LegacyJul 21 2009, 1:30 PM
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Remove HTMLDiff Entirely

  • Remove HTMLDiff and all dependent stuff, nuke UI, nuke $wgEnableHTMLDiff
    • Removed $htmldiff param in DifferenceEngine constructor, updated single caller that passed this
  • Remove now useless Node classes and children, update Autoloader
  • Nuke all diff-* messages except diff-multi, visualcomparison, visual-comparison and wikicodecomparison

Attached: nukehtmldiff.patch

demon added a comment.Via ConduitOct 28 2009, 6:21 PM

Done in r58267.

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