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Instrument MobileWikiAppSuggestedEdits
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This is to collect usage data of the new feature. The current specification of MobileWikiAppSuggestedEdits is defined in revision 18949003.


  • There will not be sampling
  • A session is the overall app session, as tracked in MobileWikiAppSessions, and has session_token
  • When user goes into Editor tasks screen, that's the start of a sub-session; this is what will be summarized by each event
  • If user opens Editor tasks screen multiple times per session, there will be multiple MobileWikiAppSuggestedEdits events which summarize the individual sub-sessions and which all share the same session_token


  • time_spent
    • timer is paused if user starts reading article
    • if user starts reading an article and then taps the <W button to go to the feed, that's the end of the Suggested Edits sub-session and a summary event is sent
    • if user hits the back button while reading an article and returns to the screen where they're adding a description, the timer resumes
  • edit_tasks
    • JSON array of named per-edit task ("add-description", "translate-description", etc.) counts of:
      • impressions (total suggestions)
      • clicks (when user accepts a suggestion)
      • cancels (when user changes mind)
      • successes (when edit is successfully published)
      • failures (connection timed out, other errors)
    • Notes
      • no need to break down by language, just by task type
      • impressions - clicks is the number of skips
      • clicks / impressions is the suggestion acceptance rate
      • cancels / clicks is the edit abandonment rate
  • help_opened (counter of times user views help)
  • scorecard_opened (counter of times user views scorecard)
  • source
    • possible values:
      • "dialog" (onboarding card)
      • "notification"
      • "menu"
  • session_token (same as MobileWikiAppSessions)
  • app_install_id
  • client_dt


Revision 18948969 of MobileWikiAppSessions schema now has two fields:

  • session_token: the randomly generated identifier for linking these Suggested Edits usage summaries together and also with the summary of the overall session
  • fromSuggestedEdits: the number of articles user started reading from the Suggested Edits feature

Also both of these should have 1:1 sampling.

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@Dbrant: let's finally get rid of 1:100 sampling in the sessions funnel?

Change 497499 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bearloga; owner: Bearloga):
[analytics/refinery@master] Add whitelisting for mobile app Suggested Edits schema

Change 497499 merged by Mforns:
[analytics/refinery@master] Add whitelisting for mobile app Suggested Edits schema