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Left/Center/Right images in sequence do not display correctly
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Author: D.U.Thibault

On the [[6489 Golevka]] page, I tried aligning three (thumbnailed) images
side-by-side by setting align="left", "center", "right" in sequence. The
centered image ended up left-aligned and overlapping the left image. I
eventually had to organise the images differently. Play around with it and see
if you can get three images to line up side-by-side.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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timwi wrote:

You guys always come up with new ways of laying out images on a page. Things
would be way easier (not just for developers, but also for readers) if it was
done the same consistent way everywhere.

Correspondingly, I have edited the page you mentioned. There are two ways of
laying out a series of images on a page that currently work perfectly, so I
highly recommend to stick to them. The first is to use |right| on all of them,
thereby arranging them along the right edge of the screen. I use this whenever
there is enough text, lest the images run off the bottom of the article. The
other way is to use |left| on all of them, allowing them to form a horizontal
row. Use this whenever there are few enough images to fit in one line, or there
is too little text for a vertical arrangement, both of which is the case in
[[6489 Golevka]].

jeluf wrote:

*** Bug 669 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

jeluf wrote:

Fixed in CVS HEAD, REL1_3 and REL1_3A. Also fixed on

Using <div class="center"> instead of <span style="text-align:center;">.

[[Image:6489 golevka-s01.jpg|left|thumb|150px|Golevka]]
[[Image:6489 golevka-03.jpg|right|thumb|150px|Golevka]]
[[Image:6489 golevka-02.jpg|center|thumb|200px|Golevka]]

should now show the three images next to each other, with 01 left, 02 in the middle,
and 03 to the right.

jeluf wrote:

*** Bug 669 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***