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Ensure CTRL-V paste works as expected in text editing mode
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When the text mode was added within VE it violated expected text-mode paste behavior. It treated text mode pastes as formatted HTML, attempting to encode that formatting into wikitext. Community members unanimously described that behavior as a disruptive bug, saying the expected default paste behavior in text mode is a text paste. That unanimous feedback appears in T153315, it appears across various related phabricator tasks, and was posted in various on-wiki bug reports. The bug extended to Flow's text mode due to editor integration.

Task T190079 disregarded the unanimously expressed expected behavior. It created a disruptive popup when a paste is attempted. Paste is a common and fundamental aspect of text editing. The popup unexpectedly and disruptively obstructs the flow of editing every time paste is used.

The disruptive popup should be removed, and CTRL-V paste should be treated as a text paste in any text editing mode. The shortcut for alternate paste mode, CTRL-SHIFT-V, may be used for the alternate HTML-formatted-paste-encoded-into-Wikitext.

I expect resolving this task will involve a negligible quantity of code work, of almost trivial difficulty. T190079 would be rolled back, and it will probably be necessary to swap the behavior of CTRL-V and CTRL-SHIFT-V in text mode.

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@JTannerWMF or anyone, if you are interested in Discussion/Analysis input from the community then I'd be happy to help. I'm confident what the result will be, but I can easily organize feedback from EnWiki and, if needed, other English wikis.

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Removing task assignee due to inactivity, as this open task has been assigned for more than two years (see emails sent to assignee on May26 and Jun17, and T270544). Please assign this task to yourself again if you still realistically [plan to] work on this task - it would be very welcome!

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This has been implemented in T282789. Plain text is always pasted now, and a small popup appears that lets you convert to wikitext (and which disappears if you click anywhere else or continue typing).

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