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Babel extension does not fully support Bislama
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For codes 0 and 5 of the language Bislama (ISO 639-1 code: bi) the Babel extension does not produce results as expected. For example, {{#Babel|bi-0}} produces "This user has no knowledge of English (or understands it with considerable difficulty)." The text is confusing because it does not link to the language specified by the code, and if a user does speak English and very little Bislama, it is confusing. Similarly, {{#Babel|bi-5}} produces "This user has professional knowledge of English." which has the same problem of not linking to the language code displayed. Other parameters produce text in Bislama which correctly point to the language.

Ideally, these two codes should be in Bislama like the others, but I think most important is just getting them to link to Bislama instead of English. I would be willing to help but I don't really know how that extension is organized or what changes need to be made.

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It's missing some translations:

But there is supposed to be logic in the Babel extension to use the messages with variable language name if no native translation exists.