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Improve UX for partnerships that end
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Brill used to be available at What has happened, since?

The internal link from Wikipedia points to this non-existent page and I have checked that Brill is not on the list of resources over the Library platform website.

If they have terminated their contract with us; we need to display that message over there rather than nothing.

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Brill is no longer available. Partners that are marked 'not available' are currently visible only to superusers and coordinators. @Samwalton9 perhaps we could display a standard {Partner} is no longer available instead of a 404?

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Yeah this is a good point - we'll need to broaden the list of possible statuses for partners though. We have some 'not available' partners that have never been available because we're in the process of adding them. They should probably still be handled in the way they are now, so adding a new status for 'Closed' or similar would be best to handle the case where we've been offering applications and then those resources stop being available.

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