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Impossible to use croptool for one specific file
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Steps to Reproduce:

Actual Results:

  • This ( screen appears for a very short time, and then you are redirected to a form about "What to crop?".
  • When you enter the name of the file (File:Banville - Œuvres, Le Sang de la coupe, 1890.djvu) and click "open", nothing happens.

Expected Results:

  • Normally, you directly get the interface on which you select the part of the file you want to crop.

Extra info:

  • I did the same steps a few weeks ago with the same file and computer configuration, and it worked.
  • I did the same steps with other random files since the problem appeared, and it worked.
  • After I posted it on commons's chat room, User:Yann tried the same steps and had the same problem.
  • I am using the vector skin of commons, on Mozilla Firefox 60.6.0esr (32 bits), on a windows computer.