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Should we deploy sshguard on external IP addresses?
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Some discussion has been around using sshguard (or fail2ban) on externally facing IP addresses. This has some utility in that it prevents follow-on, but not much specifically for preventing brute forces against our key-only ssh setup.

I have a preliminary puppet patch for this but obviously actual choices should be made.


Related Gerrit Patches:
operations/puppet : productionAdd sshguard to base module.

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crusnov created this task.Mar 21 2019, 9:39 PM
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Change 498231 had a related patch set uploaded (by CRusnov; owner: CRusnov):
[operations/puppet@production] Add sshguard to base module.

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Change 498231 abandoned by CRusnov:
Add sshguard to base module.

no traction on this, applied at wrong level to be useful

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@Jcross, @crusnov: As Security-Team was removed from this task, can you please associate at least one active project with this task (via the Add Action...Change Project Tags dropdown). This will allow others to find this task when looking at a corresponding project workboard.
Or should this task be declined maybe?

Jcross added a comment.EditedSep 23 2019, 10:23 PM

Hi everyone,

While cleaning up our workboard during a team meeting, we noted that this ticket was marked "Complete" on the user-crusnov board and thus removed our team tag from the ticket. If there are any / additional tasks for the security-team to perform please let us know and we would be happy to address.

This was fallout of the last flea vandalism incident. I don't think we've
had any meaningful discussion on whether or not this still seems like a
good idea. (I think it might be worthy.)

i think the general consensus i've heard is that external load balancers don't or can't have firewall rules, but perhaps we should consider it on a case by case basis for other external services.