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JSONDecodeError: Expecting value: line 1 column 356418517 (char 356418516)
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There is an error message at line 10. I am struggling and don't know how to handle.

Better understand the impact of content translation tools.

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@Muraran: Which exact line is line 10? I'm also wondering why this task was filed, and why under Outreachy? I don't think that Outreachy organization coordinator can help with random programming issues?

Hey @Muraran: glad you're being proactive but in the future, reach out to me first or raise questions/bugs on the thread (T217699) or its related subtasks. I'm going to close this task and move the discussion over there.

This is also a duplicate of T217899.

@Aklapper : thanks for your patience as some of these new users of Phabricator work out how everything functions.