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"Latest X" filter in Turnilo picks the wrong dates
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Steps to reproduce:

  • Open e.g.
  • Under "Filter" click on "Latest day" to view or change the timespan covered
  • The preselected date is not the latest day but in the past (e.g. right now I'm seeing "Mar 10 - Mar 11, 23:01pm" there)
  • Clicking on a different option under "Latest" also picks the wrong dates (e.g. "30D" results in "Feb 9 - Mar 11, 23:01pm" for me right now)

On the other hand, the data itself seems up to date when viewed with the "fixed" instead of "relative" option (i.e. one can manually select a more recent timespan and data up to the last day is displayed). So it might just be the UI somehow failing to obtain the correct current date and time.

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This happens on other datasources, could be a turnilo bug or rather missconfuration, need to check which one.

mforns triaged this task as Medium priority.Mar 25 2019, 4:23 PM

Ya, i think this is a turnilo bug on date calculations. We need to see if it present on latest version before upgrading.