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Adding an assignment template via the WikiEdu dashboard can place it inside other template code
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I've no idea if I'm properly reporting this (and I searched around but wasn't completely sure what project to add it to so I've left that blank, sorry!).

Anywho, for some reason, every edit to Talk:Deaf education that adds a course template places it inside of the copied multi template, like so: diff from today

This has happened the last three times someone has added that template to that talk page (each time I've taken the time to move it outside that template); here are the other two times it's happened:

The first couple times I saw this, I didn't realize the method being used to add it and thought it was people not realizing where the template code was at, but now I think it's a bug. I think the editor from today might have realized something was weird since they did a some quick back-and-forth edits of adding and removing the template, but I don't actually know that, of course. Figured it was worth trying to report even if I'm not quite sure I'm doing it right, because this is funky and I worry about it potentially having messed up other places that aren't on my watchlist.

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I'm deploying a fix for this:

It should handle that particular format of multi template shell now.