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Allow directing a percentage of API traffic to PHP7
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While for users connecting with a browser (and their API requests) will go to PHP7 directly, we need to find a way to send a percentage of cookieless API traffic to PHP7 instead than HHVM.

I can think of two places where this can be done:

  • At the edge
  • In apache

Lastly, we decided not to separate varnish caches
Related Patches:

This method might be added to internal calls as well.

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We can gradually increase API PHP7 traffic by switching completely each server to PHP7 one or more at a time. If we assume for example that each API server accepts 2% of the API traffic, we can ramp it up in 2% steps. This will require some temporary puppet changes:

a) define which servers will serve only via PHP7
b) remove HHVM from apache config
c) cache related changes (but this has already been implemented for beta users)

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Given this is being used now, does this count as Resolved? Or do you want to keep this open until clean-up?

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@Jdforrester-WMF I am marking this as resolved :D

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