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SVG Translate loading images halfway through
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@Mooeypoo and I just discovered this bug in out meeting. All images on SVG Translate production instance seem to load only halfway. No errors in console.

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Let's take a look at the NFS setup on Labs to see if there's some change there which might be the culprit.

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I'd thought that perhaps this was because we were rendering the PNG and then writing it to a file via PHP, so I made that uses shell-level redirection to do the same thing. Doesn't fix the problem though (still, it does feel a bit faster in my testing, so maybe it's worth doing anyway).

I've also turned off response buffering (on the staging site), and that seems to maybe have helped. Unfortunately, all the example images above are now working correctly so I'm not sure.

Will keep investigating.

I'm not currently able to find another example of this issue. Maybe the culprit was the Nginx proxy after all. If anyone finds another broken image please send this back to the in-development column.

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I have not seen this for any of the 40+ images I have tested so far as part of other work.

Moving this on.

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I have not seen this for any of the 40+ images I have tested so far as part of other work.

Wow! That's awesome, Dom!

Resolving this.

I've just released 0.8.0, containing code relating to this task.

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