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Add "all" prop to userinfo and globaluserinfo
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Followup from T208636: Allow users to access their user data via an API, add a prop 'all' to both userinfo and globaluserinfo API modules. The 'all' param should send all available data, instead of having the user specifying each data props individually.

For example, right now, the query looks somtehing like this: api.php?action=query&meta=userinfo&uiprop=blockinfo|groups|rights|options|editcount|realname|email|registrationdate which requires the requester to specifically specify the requested data. This means that if anyone ever adds a module, any published link will have to be edited to include it, and the link will become longer and longer.

The solution we want:


this should give us the output of all available data props that are available.

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All modules on the api allows you to specifiy which data you want.
This information is used to optimizied the database queries of the module and to skip expensive properties when not requested.

In case of a "all" you still need to know about new properties and change the tool using this information. Also when there are in machine-readable format, something has to interpret the information.

The properties are also used to provide caching in modules. When using "all" the (vagrant) cache would be broken, when new features are added. This may not an issue for the userinfo module, because it only for the requested user and cannot cache.

kaldari added a subscriber: kaldari.Apr 1 2019, 6:09 PM

If it seems like this will cause too many expensive queries, we can live without it.

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