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respect WRITE_SYNC (e.g. EACH_QUORUM) in RESTBagOStuff::set()
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As noted in the TODO at

@aaron asked that we capture the TODO items in RESTBagOStuff.php, so I'm creating a task for each.

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Is this about MediaWiki-libs-BagOStuff, or which part of the codebase? Adding codebase project tags is very welcome.

@Aklapper good question! So, this is a sub-task of T215533, which is about building the MediaWiki objectcache class that will interface with the new session storage service T206016. The work is to make an implementation of the BagOStuff interface, which is the high-level key-value storage internal API. Although *BagOStuff classes are primarily used for caches, session storage isn't strictly a cache. So... suggestions?

We don't need this for Session storage so I'm removing the parent task and de-tagging.

Removing myself as assignee because I am not currently working on this, and am not scheduled to in the near future. I would not object to working on it on the future if plans and priorities allow, but I do not want to give a false impression of status or discourage anyone else from taking it over.