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MediaWiki:License used for two different purposes: should use two different messages
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Currently, [[MediaWiki:License]] is being used

  1. on the upload form as the label of the license drop-down menu
  1. on file description pages as a section header for the licensing information when the user did select an entry from said drop-down menu

The two uses are semantically different, but SpecialUpload.php uses the same message. This causes problems: most (but not all) languages have it set to include a trailing ":", as for all other labels on the upload form. However, when used as a section title, it shouldn't have that trailing colon.

That could be solved easily by using two different messages, e.g. MediaWiki:License_label and MediaWiki:License_heading.

Without such a split, we'll either have a missing colon on the upload form, or an extra unwanted colon in the section header. (Note that just defining MediaWiki:License without the colon and making SpecialUpload.php always add the colon after the labels is not an option (and would be a hack anyway): some languages use a blank before the colon (French: "License :", but English: "License:"), and some don't use colons after the labels at all.)

The initial values for the new messages should be set as

  • MediaWiki:License_label = MediaWiki:License
  • MediaWiki:License_header = (MediaWiki:License).replace (/\s*:$/, "")

An additional benefit of this split is that it makes it possible to define the two texts differently, e.g. "License:" for the label and "Licensing" for the header, if so desired.

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