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Languages should be sorted following the case insensitive alphabetic order
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currently, if we click on the Language button in the upper right corner, we get Afrikaans, ..., English, ..., Zazaki, asturianu, ..., français, ..., then we have the Greek script, the Cyrrilic script, Arabic script and so on.
This is qite disturbing for users who come from Wikimedia projects since the languages do not follow this order.
For Latin script, I think it should follow a case insensitive order, which gives Afrikaans, asturianu, ... English, ..., français, ... Zazaki.
For the non-Latin script, I do not know what would be the best solution. Probably following what is done on the Wikimedia projects is also the good way to do in order not to disturb users.

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@jmatazzoni Flagging this for you. I think one thing we could do here is use ULS, like with SVG Translate.

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The plan here now is to prepend the language codes in the menu,

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The first part of this is to sort them in the right order in the bundle: (I suspect we actually meant to do it this way originally).

The language list is now in the right order on the staging site.

(Had to manually clear the cache files, as seems to be the case whenever we introduce or remove PHP classes; not sure why.)

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On Staging, ordering is alphabetical with respect to the character code.

I checked that the same languages are on staging as are on production (but different order).

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