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Empty qualifiers should be removed when switching back to read mode
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It is possible to return to read-mode after adding incomplete qualifiers:
the code accurately doesn't identify an empty qualifier (selecting no property and/or not filling out value completely) as a change and doesn't submit it,
but when there's also been another change (another qualifier has been added), the form can be submitted (because there have been changes)
The incomplete qualifier is not submitted (perfect!), but the read mode does show a .wbmi-qualifier with empty content.

Screenshot of what's wrong: note the 2nd line leading the an empty qualifier

Screenshot 2019-04-01 17.13.52.png (216×1 px, 20 KB)

Acceptance criteria:

  • Add a depicts statement
  • Add a qualifier (select a property and fill a value)
  • Add another one, without selecting a property or filling out a value
  • Submit the form
  • Only the first qualifier should be displayed. There should not be a line leading to a 2nd, empty, qualifier