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Triple-clicking Gerrit change subject selects unwanted space at the beginning
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This is a really minor point, but it still bugs me: when you triple-click the subject line of a Gerrit change (in PolyGerrit – haven’t tried the old UI), copy it, and paste it somewhere else, the pasted text will start with a single space. This is inconvenient, for example, when adding the subject to the deployment calendar, or when pasting it into the scap sync-file message argument ([[gerrit:123456| argh no space here]]). Can we fix this?

JavaScript workaround:

var textNode = document.querySelector('#commitMessageEditor .gr-change-view').childNodes[0];
if ( textNode.nodeName === '#text' ) {
    textNode.textContent = textNode.textContent.trim();

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Update: since the Gerrit 3 upgrade (T254158), triple-clicking no longer seems to work at all. For some reason. (Not just in the commit message, but also elsewhere, e. g. in review comments.)