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Create action API test cases using the API Integration Test framework
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For the newly created test framework (Platform Team Initiatives (API Integration Tests)), write a set of end-to-end tests that provide good coverage of MediaWiki's action API.

  • first basic/simple test cases (to be selected)
  • all parameters of all API modules in core that update the database. This goes beyond editing and includes watching pages, protecting pages, patrolling edits, blocking user, creating users, changing preferences, etc.
  • Critical functionality that does not involve database updates also need baseline tests. This includes reading raw article content, fetching parsed article content, logging in, etc.
  • We’ll want to test some key scenarios that go beyond per-module tests, like a blocked user trying to edit, or the autopatrolled flag.
  • Critical API modules (especially ones that update the database) provided by extensions maintained and deployed by WMF should also be covered.
  • All remaining core API modules, particularly all the query modules

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