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[Spike] Explore the customization options for Advanced Search extension
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The AdvancedSearch feature enhances Special:Search through an advanced parameters form. This new interface was available as a beta feature from the end of 2017, with more than 40.000 users across all wikis. Since November 2018, it's a default feature on all wikis, including Commons.


The Advanced Search extension consists of "Advanced Parameters" and "Search in (namespace)." Some of the functionality of Advanced Parameters overlaps with the new search capabilities for Structured Data, such as file type (image vs video vs audio). "Search in (namespace)" works as intended for plain text searches, but is incompatible with Structured Data searches (in that SD will not search any of those namespaces).

Questions we need answers to as we add structured data search features to Commons

  • How much can we customize advanced search for structured data searches?
  • If we customized it on Commons, would it affect other wikis?
  • Can we turn off individual components or is it all or nothing? For example, can we not show "Search in" (for statements) since it doesn’t make sense?


Project page with background info

Extension information

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Advanced search is really a helping hand for searching wikitext, and therefore I'd be very surprised if it was getting significant use on commons

Is there any way we can check this?

Hmm actually hastemplate and incategory are probably useful for commons ...

Had a look at the code, and it seems that the following can be configured:

  • deep category searching (on/off)
  • default namespaces to be searched

You *can* add a new field to the search, see

IMO if we can be a little bit flexible about how we want the search page to work then there's a good chance we can customise this enough to work with SD ... but it'd require some detailed investigation and consultation with WMDE

Ramsey-WMF claimed this task.

Going to close this one based on earlier research we did (some documented here) and the likelihood that we're not going to use Advanced search for our purposes.