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Check Pywikibot for new Wikibase empty container format
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The output format in the Wikibase api will change for empty containers, see T138104 . Used to be [] and it's going to be {}. Check if Pywikibot doesn't horribly choke and burn because of this. New item: . On the live site you can find empty items on .

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It seems Pywikibot has assumed these are always dicts. Just because the containers were empty it didn't fail:

# aliases
self.aliases = {}
if 'aliases' in self._content:
  for lang in self._content['aliases']:
    self.aliases[lang] = []
    for value in self._content['aliases'][lang]:

# labels
self.labels = {}
if 'labels' in self._content:
  for lang in self._content['labels']:
    if 'removed' not in self._content['labels'][lang]:  # T56767
      self.labels[lang] = self._content['labels'][lang]['value']

# descriptions
self.descriptions = {}
if 'descriptions' in self._content:
  for lang in self._content['descriptions']:
    self.descriptions[lang] = self._content[

Not actually tested yet.

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