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Outdated project codes in pagecounts-ez
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The pagecounts-ez files contain an outdated comment with project codes. Currently, the generated dump files contain this header:

# Project-code is
# b:wikibooks,
# k:wiktionary,
# n:wikinews,
# q:wikiquote,
# s:wikisource,
# v:wikiversity,
# wo:wikivoyage,
# z:wikipedia (z added by merge script: wikipedia happens to be sorted last in files, but without suffix)

However, looking at the actual data, it seems that Wiktionary has code d so the comment about k seems wrong. Likewise, Wikivoyage seems to have code voy, not wo. It might be good to check the others, too.

Thanks in advance for fixing the source code that puts the comment about project codes into the pagecount-ez files.