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Edit and save a Header section caused popup to fail in all other letters (header sections) until full page was saved
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We have 800 items in our list. We have headers for each letter so users can jump down the list. I had the Edit source showing next to each header. First person to edited the "P" section. When they saved their work only the "P's" where showing the popups. All other items failed to show the underlining or mouse over effect at all. I placed the whole page in Edit and saved it without making any change. All popups began working again. I tested this myself with the "H" section and got the same result.
I have included NOEDITSECTION on the page. I did try to read through this discussion page but found nothing about this. I looked over the main page and then this discussion but see no one else talking about this. Is this expected?
MediaWiki 1.31.0
Lingo 3.0.0

The above was posted on the discussion page and with this reply it is being entered here:

F.trott (talkcontribs)
No, it is clearly a bug.
Normally marking up a page consists of reading the glossary page and using it to do the mark-up whenever a page is saved. Obviously this poses problems for the glossary page itself, as the new glossary does not really exist yet when the page is saved and you do not want to use the old one. So it takes a special hack, where the glossary is built directly from the saved text instead of from the saved page. My guess right now is that Lingo only ever sees the part that has changed on section edit.
Your workaround with NOEDITSECTION is probably the best solution for the moment. Or you could disable the popups on the glossary page.