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Soft edit mode for aliases
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As a wikidata editor
I want to see existing aliases in edit mode
so that I can soon fully edit them via T218690

Acceptance Criteria

  • In edit mode, aliases are displayed as in reading mode, i.e. behind each other, and separated by pipes.
    • The aliases segment indicates editability as before TODO SPECIFY HOW
    • When users enter the "real" alias field, the new line (the blank one at the bottom) will be in focus


We split this out from T218690 as there are some open questions that would help better estimate what this story really entails (take estimation with a grain of salt)

  • what does this show in case there are no aliases?
  • how does this component react with regards to keyboard navigation (tab)?

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In our "storytime" type slot I think we said the following.

We'd imagine doing this story after having done T218690. Before tackling this story we would expect to be in the state where:

when User clicks edit
then All the aliases are individually displayed separate lines

This means that perhaps the motivation for the story should change. For example to something like:
As a wikidata editor
I don't want all aliases immediately expanded into separate lines for editing
so that I don't have to scroll lots and have my screen overwhelmed by new lines

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