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Templates with not supported parameters produce "Lua error in package.lua" message
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  1. Start translating Воробейнское сельское поселение from Russian to any language.
  2. The article has Шаблон:Columns-list which matches to Template:Columns-list. Translating the template produces Lua error in package.lua ..." error message displayed to a user:

The problem - Шаблон:Columns-list uses unsupported parameter - {{columns-list|3|}}. It should be in the following format: {{columns-list|colwidth=width|Text (usually a list)}}. The documentation says:

Use of the no-longer-supported parameter |cols=, or use of the first unnamed parameter (aka |1=) along with |2= or a second unnamed parameter for the template's content, will generate a red error message. To fix this error, use colwidth= instead of attempting to specify the number of columns.

Users should see an understandable message instead of this cryptic message.

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