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Visual editor (source editing mode) should always present edit summary box before saving
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I edit a page in the desktop Visual Editor and switch to source editing mode. After making a change, I want to preview, but there is no preview button. Hesitatingly, I click on the blue "Publish Changes" button, even though that is not actually what I want to do. The Save form appears, and fortunately it has a "Show Preview" button. (An aside: the buttons in this box are strangely arranged: there are two buttons in the upper right and upper left, and two buttons in the lower left, without any rhyme or reason.) I preview my changes, and again I get the strange arrangement of four buttons all around. I'm satisfied and click on the blue "Publish Changes" button, expecting to return to the save box, but no: this time the button actually does what it says and publishes my changes without allowing me to enter an edit summary.

There are at least three things wrong from a user experience perspective:

  1. Identical blue "Publish Changes" buttons appear on three different pages with two different functions, leading to confused users saving without edit summary.
  2. There should be a "Preview" button in the source editing screen, because that's the most common function, much more common than publishing changes.
  3. The arrangement of buttons on the save form and preview screen is counterintuitive.

Suggested changes:

a) Relabel the blue "Publish Changes" button on the editing and preview screens as "Preview/Save" and let both of them bring up the Save form;
b) Add a "Preview changes" button to the source editing screen;
c) Think about more logical placement of buttons on the Save form and preview screen.