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Homepage: write help page for Special:Homepage
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It is a good practice for each Mediawiki feature to have a documentation page that explains what it is and how to use it. For instance, the help panel feature has this page.

The newcomer homepage does not yet have a Mediawiki help page. There are two work items in this task:

  1. Write the help page. This might be done with the assistance of a member of the WMF Growth team.
  2. Add a link to the newcomer homepage itself linking to the help page. The location and presentation of this link is not yet designed, but can be attempted by whoever works on this task. For reference, this is a mockup of the current page. It is also valuable to think about where this would go in the mobile design.

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For 2. The help link should go in the top-right (in LTR languages) corner, as is standard for other extensions. See examples at and at
(I don't know how that is implemented - but this docs section might give clues?
And it only works in Desktop, but that's something that Minerva needs to fix (T75299))

IMO we should do this by Q2, unless someone volunteers to do it first.