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Width of suggestions for edit summaries doesn't match width of input
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Edit a page in VE (on beta or somewhere else where the change for T50274 is available).
  2. Notice that for long suggestions the width of the suggestions extends the dialog (which may be intentional).
  3. Continue typing until only very short suggestions remain.

Actual result:

Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-04-05 09-27-06.png (944×1 px, 215 KB)

Expected result:
The width should never be smaller than the input itself.

Actually bluring and focusing the input increases the width as expected. This also happens when you delete characters, in this case additionally the width of the suggestions never will exceed the width of the input, even for long suggestions.

I.e. Everything from T196117 (especially T196117#4282413) applies here, too.