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Wikidata property statistics service
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Apr 5 2019, 4:38 PM
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The other day Liam and I published the Sum of all Paintings property statistics dashboard at . The source code is at . This was basically to scratch our own itch: We wanted to have a good overview of progress and completeness for the project we're working on.

We got quite a lot of positive responses and two forks: & . Looks like we weren't the only people with this itch. And I can also think of some of the other projects I participate in where these kind of statistics would be quite useful.

Let's build a service to offer these kind of statistics.

  • Service is Pywikibot based and runs under a tools account on Toolforge
  • Every page in need of statistics has a start and end template just like Listeriabot (see
  • The start template contains all the relevant variables for the bot to function
  • The bot runs every once in a while to update these pages (might implement manual run too)

This would probably be a fun project to work on during the Prague hackathon in May.

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Had similar thoughts in the past two days ; I’d be keen to work on that in Prague :)

Macro carltondance:

My enthusiasm will even be larger if the result will be reasonably usable by people without coding skills 😀

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This is basically done :)