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[stub] Add "click here to see more" functionality to statement panels
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User story: N/A

We have this:

Currently, statements like depicts use the "Wikidata method" of display - showing you every value up front and in the process creating a long page that needs a lot of vertical scrolling.

We want this:

Explore having statement panels work like Captions, and have a "click to see more" button to expand the view. All statements would be "collapsed" by default (like captions are)

Screenshots (if possible):

Acceptance Criteria:

  • Will add this later

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The important thing is establishing what user experience we want people to have. Some options:

  • Always show anything marked prominent above the "fold", and show X number of items as default if none have been marked prominent yet
  • Choose a number to show above the fold based on how many items there are already, such as if there are 3, show all; if there are 5, show 3; if there are 8, show 5, etc.
  • Other options?

I think the important thing is making sure people see enough items for context and not hide too much in an arbitrary way.

Keegan added a subscriber: Keegan.Jul 2 2019, 7:53 PM

I'd vote for a default number (5). Simplest, most consistent, and least prone to bugs/breaking. Question: Would we need an "Expand all" button for those who really just want to see everything?

5 sounds reasonable. I do think we still need an "Expand all" button, just like the Captions panel has.

Ramsey-WMF added a comment.EditedJul 3 2019, 7:16 PM

Just to clarify, I meant an "Expand all" that would expand all the panels in the tab at once :)

Is there evidence that users need this? I myself will likely be annoyed in my workflows when, in addition to having to click on the Structured Data tab, I will also need to do an extra click to see all statements.

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