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Log in should be a top level action
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Log in / create an account is hidden under a hamburger menu. This seems like very important functionality for Wikipedia and should be surfaced among the most prominent UI features, perhaps where the notifications bell is for logged in users.

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Acceptance Criteria

  • The login / create an account page can be accessed with one click

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I feel like this is a known problem and was the motivation for the user menu. Passing to alex.

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@Niedzielski thanks for raising this. Curious what your thinking is around the importance of the login and create account actions? Also, wanted to clarify the proposed success criteria:

The login / create an account page can be accessed with one click

How do you envision this working? Unless there was a login/create account link in the header I can't imagine how we'd do any better than two clicks (one to open the menu, one to login/create account). Or is part of what you're suggestion that create account should have it's own button and not be buried within the login screen?

We aren't currently considering the case of logged-out AMC users, however if we followed through on the user menu in the header design for logged-out users we'd potentially end up with something like this:


@alexhollender, can the link be for both log in and create an account? It could direct to a page or dialog that has both. E.g.:

If we absolutely have to tuck that settings cog into that workflow, maybe it could be distant third option on the log in / create an account page / dialog called "anonymous user settings" with a short blurb explaining that it's possible to configure certain settings while remaining anonymous and not registering for an account.

Any updates on this now AMC has landed?

FWIW I don't think login is a top level action. Wikipedia doesn't require an account to view content. Where an account is recommended or necessary e.g. editing, watching we drive users to login when they signal that intention.

I'm also not sure that login needs to be a top level action, and don't know how we would achieve

The login / create an account page can be accessed with one click

on mobile

I think this would be an impactful change but don't have any data to support it. My reasoning is at least 1) I personally find that tying edits to my own account to be a much greater motivation to future edits than effectively losing them to the wiki ether (both for personal records and posterity) 2) I posit that many users have no idea that Wikimedia supports accounts and has an incredibly rich online culture, putting the link literally on the page could help change perceptions 3) I believe that having an account creates a sense of identity within the community 4) I think that keeping the concept of accounts ever present in both logged in and anonymous modes is a more consistent design and enforces the idea. If this doesn't make sense to be a priority, it's fine to close this ticket.

WRT how this could be implemented on mobile, I think there are some options (partly discussed above). For example, 1) always show the user menu link in the upper right. If the user is logged in, the menu drops down on click. If the user is not logged in, load the create account + login page. If the user has JavaScript enabled, this page could also appear as a dialog workflow.