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Expose more detailed diff information to the AbuseFilter
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If you go to you not only see which line changed, but you also see specifically which part of the lines was modified (in the HTML, it is highlighted using <del> and <ins> tags).

However, the information AbuseFilter shows for that diff (accessible at is only at the line level. I can think of many cases when knowing the exact portions that were changed is useful for a filter.

I think a good way to do that is to have two new variables: edit_diff_added and edit_diff_removed. They should each be an array of only the added/removed fragments (so for the example above, we would have edit_diff_added = ['some'] and edit_diff_removed = ['a'])

A less optimal, but still workable solution is to literally expose the HTML of the diff as a variable (so one could look for a pattern like <ins>some</ins> in it).

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Daimona subscribed.

This would indeed be useful, and I sent for that a few months ago.
However, IIRC those variables would be pretty tricky: I think each added character would be alone in the resulting array. Now I cannot check if that's true, though (and I cannot add the task number on gerrit) because I'm from mobile. And that patch needs tests anyway.
Edit: Nah, each word in the array would be separated, according to the commit msg I wrote. Just as you said in the example!

Change 431731 had a related patch set uploaded (by Huji; owner: Daimona Eaytoy):
[mediawiki/extensions/AbuseFilter@master] Add word-level diff variables

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The main problem with this addition is that these variables would be very large if the diff is also large, and the details view might be filled up.

I think this may solve one of the problems that some wikis are having, subtle number vandalism (e.g. changing "There are 5 cats and dogs here" to "There are 4 cats and dogs here". This is trivial to see when looking at a highlighted diff, but seemingly difficult to write a filter for. (Bright ideas welcome though!)